The reputation of the country is linked to the production of Rossese of Dolceacqua, a ruby red wine with a protected designation of origin, smooth taste and aroma and whose minimum alcohol content is 12.5 degrees. The Rossese is obtained from a single vine and is produced in a limited number of bottles.

We wait for you at the California Bar to taste the Rossese wine of our production, obtained following the ancient traditions, but not only: we will give you a taste of our production of extra virgin olive oil.

For interested guests you can also visit our winery.

And for gourmand people you must taste Michette of Dolceacqua, a unique and not reproducible small cakes, sweet as soft as they are sensitive.

In the village:
- The Castle of Doria
- Art Gallery G. Morscio
- The Church of St. Anthony, the picture of L. Brera
- The Church of San Sebastiano and the statue of Maragliano
- The Church of San Giorgio in whose crypt are the tombs of the Doria family